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Yard and garden

The Pomona housing association is in possession of one of the largest and best designed inner gardens in the Frösunda area, something that is of value both to us living here and to the general attractiveness of the property when flats are put on the market.

The major maintenance of the garden is done by a professional gardening company but by just being a bit careful in using the area, we can all contribute to it remaining the positive addition to our home environment that it is. View it as your own and treat it accordingly and it will develop nicely over the years to come.

There is (of course) a small voluntary group of members called “Trädgårdsgruppen” that look after the flower beds and outdoor pots as well as plants, trees and furniture etc. to make certain that i.a. necessary renewal and repair is carried out. Twice a year, spring and autumn, “garden days” are arranged when those participating clean out weeds, plant new flowers and do other general gardening tasks for a couple of hours. Quite a pleasant way to get to know a few of the neighbours, actually!

The group is open to all who are interested in helping out with various yard and garden related activities and projects and you are welcome to contact in order to join. He is also interested in any ideas you may have that can develop the garden further.

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