The garage

Brf. Pomona has its own garage under the building with 58 positions for cars and 7 for motor cycles.

There is a simple queuing system, those interested in renting a space simply send an e-mail to the Brf. Pomona board on to express interest. You need to include your name and postal address, apartment number (the one that corresponds with your cellar storage room and the laundry room reservations locking device), and contact information.

The date of the application then decides the place on the list of applicants. As positions are being emptied, your number will move up and when you are first in line you will be offered an available spot.

Waiting time for a car parking space is generally around 18 months and the fee is 1035 SEK/month. For a motorcycle parking space the waiting time is generally shorter and the fee is 219 SEK/month. The period of notice is 1 month.

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