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The housing co-operative (Swedish abbreviation Brf) Pomona takes its name from a particular sort of apple, genetically developed by Mr. Anders Lundström in the late 1600′s at the small manor ”Lilla Frösunda” still standing there in close proximity to the co-operative. Four out of the five streets surrounding the almost circular structure, have been named in relation to this old apple growing tradition. There is Anders Lundström himself to the west, the apple Pomona to the south, the apple Signe Tillisch to the north and Frögatan (Seed street) to the northeast. Due east, you find Gustav the III boulevard, named from one of he Swedish kings whose personal history is tightly interwoven with the history of the large Haga Park, just on the other side of the motorway, and thus the area as such. He was shot at the opera house in Stockholm in 1792 and never got to see the development of Frösunda.

A housing co-operative simply put is a legal entity and construction where a private person (companies only by exception) can buy and sell a flat which in turn is defined by how many parts (andelar in Swedish) of the co-operative that are allocated to the flat in question. You do not own the flat per se but the parts allocated. The day-to-day business of the co-operative is run by a board constituted by members of the co-op being elected by the general assembly of all members convening yearly, normally in the month of May. The business of the co-op is governed by the Laws of Housing Co-operatives, including auditing by chartered accountants etc.

The cooperative lists 137 flats of various sizes and design. Garage parking for 58 cars and 5 positions for motorbikes is found under the building. There is a separate garage queuing system since demand is very high.

The economy of Brf. Pomona is sound and supported by a steady income from five commercial tenants, three restaurants, one dentist and one hair salon plus the garage fees. There is also an ATM in the building.

Communications are very good with a number of city bus routes passing either through the housing area or just on the fringe of it. The airport coaches for Arlanda Airport run a very frequent schedule, stopping within a couple of minutes walk from Brf.Pomona. Arlanda and Stockholm City both, are only about 30 minutes away.

The housing area Frösunda is in itself more or less a small township with the main street Gustav III boulevard as connecting link to all parts of this little community. There are shops, restaurants, tailor/cleaners, cafés etc. Should these facilities not satisfy your needs, Solna Centrum shopping mall is only a few minutes away, either by car or bus. The office buildings lining the area along the E4, provide almost full protection from freeway noise.

Last but definitely not least, nature is waiting literally around the corner in the aforementioned Haga park. A large expanse of land with lots of strolling areas, restaurants, a butterfly aviarium and other activities. All of it beautiful year round!

Welcome to have a look around and do not hesitate contacting the board of Brf. Pomona (you can use the page ”Kontakta oss” in the menu above), should you wish to know more!

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