Laundry facilities

There are 2 laundry rooms at various locations in the property, all equally accessible for all members by use of the door key marked “HN”.

The locations are: Anders Lundströms gata 12 (basement, one heavy-duty machine available) and Signe Tillisch gata 4 (ground level).

Since these facilities are of common use to us all it is important that we adhere to a certain code of conduct where the use of these locales is concerned:

  1. Hours of use are between 0700 am - 10.00 pm all days of the week.
  2. You book your time window by inserting and locking your numbered device in the wall mounted metal table outside the room and in the slot you wish to reserve.
  3. You may use 45 minutes of the next time slot for drying your clothes but then your belongings shall be removed.
  4. If you have the last slot in the evening you may leave your things to dry overnight but the machines must be shut off after 10.00 pm. Also, your clothes must be picked up before 07.00 am the following morning.
  5. There shall be no detergent or softener residue in the washing machines dispensers or any lint left in the filters of the dryers after you have finished washing and drying, leave them as you wish to find them yourself.
  6. Sweeping the floor and other general cleaning (e.g. removal of empty containers etc.) of the room is of course always appreciated by the neighbour in turn for using the facility.
  7. Finally, remember to remove your lock from your slot and place it in one of the parking positions.

Should anything be out of order or otherwise malfunctioning, please advise CEMI (the maintenance company) immediately, continuous maintenance is generally more cost efficient than major repairs.