Rules for apartment reconstruction

Which rules apply for reconstructions in the apartment?

Our building has entered its' second decade and several members have, or will in the coming years, renovate or reconstruct their kitchen, bathroom or do other refurbishments in the apartment. While doing this you have to consider a few things.

  • You may never change load bearing constructions or fixed installations such as ventilation.
  • You may not install engine driven fans in the kitchen, only natural draft fans are allowed.
  • When doing reconstructions in the bathrooms you must use a contractor that is authorized to perform reconstructions in wet rooms. Remember that building codes have changed since the building was constructed. Today's requirements are harder.
  • Reconstructions of bathrooms should always be notified to the board. The purpose of this is so that we can gather documentation of performed actions if a problem should arise. The board does not have to approve the reconstruction so it is sufficient to notify the board that you are renovating but you don't have to brief the board exactly as to what you will do.
  • Major reconstruction that changes the floor plan of the apartment should be notified to the board. The notification should also include a new floor plan design for documentation purposes.
  • The general construction permit for balcony glazing that BRF Pomona previously had has been withdrawn. There will not be any approval of glazing of balconies/outdoor areas from Solna Kommun at the bottom floor apartments and not for apartments in the top of the building that doesn't have another balcony above.

The purpose of the rules above are to make sure that we together safeguard the value of our building, and thus of our apartments, for the long term.

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