Recycling rooms

Brf Pomona avails itself of 7 garbage rooms placed as follows:

Frögatan: 2 rooms where one is for the association's tenants
Gustav III:s Boulevard: 1 room
Pomonagatan: 2 rooms
Signe Tillischgatan: 3 rooms whereof one for bulky refuse

To follow a certain order the general rules are that:

  1. Household deposits only may be placed in the green containers found in all the rooms except the one for bulky refuse on Signe Tillischgatan 2, the wider door on the right.
  2. Plastic bags, food containers, bottles and other household plastic ware may be recycled by using the three bigger black containers in the smaller room on Signe Tillischgatan 2.
  3. Metal containers, cans and lids etc. may be recycled using the two smaller black containers also in the smaller room on Signe Tillischgatan 2.
  4. Food products may be recycled using the paper bags placed in every garbage room where you also will find the special brown containers where the paper bag is to be placed when filled.
  5. Bulky refuse such as smaller pieces of furniture, old clothes and other household goods may be placed in the open containers marked “Grovsopor” in the bulky refuse room, the articles must however fit in the containers and may not be placed on the floor. In the same room you will also find two containers for electronic goods as well as for light bulbs and used batteries.
  6. In all rooms (except the smaller one on Signe Tillischgatan 2) you will also find containers for glass bottles, newspapers and carton/packaging paper respectively.

It is absolutely forbidden to discard of hazardous materials such as paint, thinner, solutions, petrol and similar articles by placing them in any of the garbage rooms since doing so constitutes a breach of law. You are expected to deliver or have such items delivered to a public recycling facility such as Kvarnkullen Återvinningscentral on Enköpingsvägen 129 in Sundbyberg where you also may dispose of such bulky refuse that does not fit in our own containers.

Map of where to find the recycling rooms in BRF POMONA

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